Planting Detail

Planting Number: 759
Planted By (from Person number): Liloia
Accession (from Accession ID): 2011-0191
Previous Accession Number:
Location Planted (from Location Number): NP- Bioretention 1
Planted Species (from ID Plant): Centrosema virginianum
Cultivar Name (from Cult ID):
Installation Date: 2011-09-02
Location Change Type: P
Number of Plants: 0
Notes about the Number of Plants: originally 1
Condition of the Plants: Q
Plants Notes: 1 planted by Chris Liloia; 01-28-2021 update; there are more than 1 but it isn't clear if the original one is still alive, so all will be treated as 2021-0099
Publish: 1
Last Update: 2021-07-01

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